Crossing the Threshold / Drawing the Map

2. Crossing the Threshold / Drawing the Map

I arrive with ideas, I leave with a rough project plan Go to next Stepping Stone

Action before

Interviewing friends about my gifts and talents
Researching project ideas and target groups

ProjectExploring and refining project ideas.
Fostering alliances from common values and intentions, and the desire for mutual support.
I' Journey_I_white_by FS  What am I committing to? Who else in my environment is creating beauty and how can I connect to them? Enhancing clarity and confidence.

Action after

Prototyping l: Trying out my project idea
Writing a profile about myself, my team and my project

 We  Building a group culture of solidarity and win-win. Where are there cross-connections between our ideas? Who is my project team?
 World Introducing maps & models for change. Developing a systemic view that connects people, projects, resources and timelines.
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