Building the Circles / Embracing Diversity

3. Engaging with people / Embracing diversity

I arrive with first experiences and a wish for team work, I leave with new tools for collaboration Go to next Stepping Stone

Action before

Prototyping l: Trying out my project idea
Writing a profile about myself, my team and my project

ProjectsDesigning organisational flows and structures, governance, roles and responsibilities. I How can I integrate my inner diversity? Creating empathy for myself and others. How is my personal dream connected to a common/community dream?

Action after

Prototyping ll: Stakeholder analysis and market research
Talking to potential “customers”

We Learning social technologies for conflict facilitation, group dynamics and collective wisdom. Facilitating spaces where high and low dreams can emerge and be expressed.
World Understanding where we come from: the history and evolution of cultures. Inspiration for overcoming the limitations of power structures. High and low dreams in broader society that influence our projects.
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