Daring to Act / Exploring the Landscape

4. Daring to Act / Exploring the Landscape

I arrive with the wish to see my project in a larger context, I leave with an improved project plan Go to next Stepping Stone

Action before

Prototyping ll: Stakeholder analysis and market research
Talking to potential “customers”

ProjectUnderstanding the context for our project. Mapping, networking, building alliances, validating, planning and  focussing. I Finding my voice in the world. Developing presentation, facilitation and negotiation skills. Identifying my leadership style. Planning as a way of taking care of myself.

Action after

Prototyping lll: Implementing my project idea

Noticing resistance, doubts and fears

We Working with emerging processes and self-organising structures and roles.
Planning as a way of taking care of  each other and our common dream.
World' Journey_WORLD_white_by FS Reaching out to local and regional stakeholders. Positioning our projects in the context of the most innovative local and global solutions.
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