Answering the Call / Igniting the Fire

1. Answering the Call / Igniting the Fire

I arrive with a longing to make a contribution, I leave with inspiration and new possibilities
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Action before

Exploring reflective questions about my life
Finding a symbol for ‘what moves me’

ProjectExploring what ‘my project’  might be. Understanding how the project would fulfill me, enhance community and serve the world.
Map talents, resources and possibilities.
I What is my longing? What is beautiful to me? What am I called to do? Understanding myself, my story and my intention for change.

Action after

Interviewing friends about my gifts and talents
Researching project ideas and target groups

We Who are my peers? Building an authentic, open and supportive group culture.
World How can I serve? Sharing our awareness of the world, its beauty, its challenges and its opportunities
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