Crossing the Threshold / Drawing the Map

2. Crossing the Threshold / Drawing the Map

I arrive with project ideas, I leave with a rough project plan Go to next Stepping Stone

Action before

Interviewing friends about my gifts and talents
Researching project ideas and target groups

ProjectExploring and refining project ideas and creating a rough project plan. Setting my project in a local/regional/global context. I' Journey_I_white_by FS What am I committing to? Who is it helpful to connect to and learn from? Enhancing clarity and confidence.

Action after

Writing a profile about myself, my team and my project
Prototyping l: Stakeholder analysis and market research.

 We Building a group culture of solidarity and win-win. Where are there cross-connections between our ideas? Who might be part of my team?
 World Introducing maps & models for change. Developing a systemic view that connects people, projects, resources and timelines.
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