Daring to Act / Exploring the Landscape

4. Daring to Act / Exploring the Landscape

I arrive with the wish to see my project in a larger context, I leave with an improved project plan Go to next Stepping Stone

Action before

Prototyping 2: Working with the team to test our project plan Integrating feedback and accessing resources

ProjectEnriching our project by integrating the most innovative local and global solutions. Ensuring the resources needed to implement the project are in place. I Finding my voice in the world. Developing presentation, facilitation and negotiation skills. Identifying my leadership style.

Action after

Prototyping lll: Implementing my project idea

Noticing resistance, doubts and fears

We Working with emerging processes and self-organising structures and roles. Realising a team identity
World' Journey_WORLD_white_by FS Working with local and regional stakeholders. Developing partnerships. Exploring the impact of our project in the world.
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