SIRCle, designed to create an innovative, open source curriculum for active citizenship and social and holistic entrepreneurship, was born out of strong, long-term relationships between the 8 European partners. These partners bring a wide range of nationally and internationally well-established networks, and are active in diverse sectors such as Education, Art, Science, Economics and Entrepreneurship, Ecology and Technology, Social Work and Wellbeing. They focus on social innovation, sustainable living, resilient community building, individual empowerment, holistic business and right livelihood. SIRCle sees itself as a node within a very large and pulsating web of connections, fostering and co-shaping solutions to enable us to live and work within healthy and balanced eco-systems. SIRCle aims to play an active role in the existing landscape of social change makers and looks forward to collaborating with other projects, partners, networks and active citizens across geographical, cultural and language boundaries.